Passionate, Well-fed Men and Their Heartburn–On or After ‘Game Day’

By | October 31, 2018

—This post is sponsored by Mirum but these opinions are my own. 🙂

Of all the medicines I take–and all their co-pays–anything over-the-counter, affordable, and longer lasting is what I’m going to swear by.

Yes, the professionals at my local pharmacy know me well.

And if there is one health-related practice I try to do well, it’s to keep my stomach happy. This means enough discipline to lay off the heavy and fried foods, watch my weight, and avoid carbs, dairy, and bread as much as possible–or my esophagus and sphincters gang up on me.

This does NOT make for a happy “pizza-and-wings” spread on game day–or any day, that is.

Certain anti-heartburn foods won’t work for my sensitive or lactose-angry stomach, so food remedies like yogurt, milk, and oatmeal are off the table–literally. If I go down that path, I’m asking for several more problems on top of stomach acid. And soymilk, coconut milk, and almond milk just don’t cut it when you want good old cold milk to settle things.

So when “Sunday, Funday” rolls around and it’s time for the Pats to trounce whoever is matched up this week, I’m all about the “wise” choices on the game day food table–you know: less-than-normal-amount of wings (without the extra hot sauce or blue cheese), veggies minus the ranch dressing, or less of the extra breaded assortment of meat that often calls for breading.

Whether the Pats are up or down, we all eat the same. And those extra beers we “owe” ourselves for either a loss or win will always factor in. Beer equals carbs and sugar. We all know this truth.

But work the next day? I don’t need the stress of my I.B.S. interfering with my nighttime heartburn or morning “routine.” And I always know which guys are hurting more than me.

After a few weeks of taking the new Omeprazole Orally Disintegrating Tablet (ODT), I noticed a softer heart and stomach–way less stress in my esophagus.

While I don’t mind taking pills, this 24-hour-lasting chewable tablet had provided quick relief for after-lunch (or day after game day) acid-creep. And while I love a donut dipped in coffee, high-fatty foods, and late night snacks as much as the next guy, I find if I limit myself enough on the tasty treats and take something like ODT, I can avoid “reflux regret.”

No longer would my doctor have to prescribe 20 mgs for me, and I can avoid Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) as much as possible. ODT is available at retailers nationwide, and it’s the only heartburn medication available as an easy-to-take disintegrating tablet.


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