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The problem of physicians and nurses connecting patients with hospital fundraisers

Michael Kirsch, MD | Physician | July 3, 2019 Many organizations solicit private donations from benefactors and philanthropists. Is there a stadium in the country that does not bear the name of a prominent donor? There are also anonymous donors who are not cursed with egos that require their names to be emblazoned in giant… Read More »

Hospital offers 'instant' six-pack abs surgery and the results are horrifying

Craving chiseled abs but not arsed heading to the gym? A hospital in Thailand is offering a ‘painless’ surgery which gives you an “instant” six-pack. A hospital in Bangkok is offering “instant” six-pack surgery for those who are too lazy to work out. Masterpiece Hospital CEO and surgeon Raweewat “Sae” Maschamadol said that they receive between 20 and 30… Read More »