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Opioid Exposure During Pregnancy, Long-Term Effects on Children’s Development

According to a recent analysis of national data by the Centers for Disease Control, the number of pregnant women with opioid use disorder (as documented at the time of delivery) more than quadrupled from 1999 through 2014.  Studies of opioid exposure in pregnancy suggest increased risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes including stillbirth, low birth weight,… Read More »

Judge holds up Teva’s $85M opioid settlement, sinking shares back to pre-2000 levels

Teva made headlines late last month when it inked an $ 85 million settlement with Oklahoma prosecutors over opioid mismarketing allegations—even after CEO Kåre Schultz said the company wouldn’t strike big settlement deals in the ongoing opioid litigation. Now, an Oklahoma judge in the state has refused to sign off on the deal until he gets more information… Read More »

Drug manufacturer to pay $225 million to end opioid investigations

Drug manufacturer Insys Therapeutics Inc. has agreed to pay $ 225 million in order to end federal investigations into allegations that it used illegal marketing schemes to push a powerful opioid-based painkiller. Federal prosecutors allege that company used kickbacks and veiled bribes in order to sell a fentanyl spray, called Susbys, which is designed for… Read More »