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The problem of physicians and nurses connecting patients with hospital fundraisers

Michael Kirsch, MD | Physician | July 3, 2019 Many organizations solicit private donations from benefactors and philanthropists. Is there a stadium in the country that does not bear the name of a prominent donor? There are also anonymous donors who are not cursed with egos that require their names to be emblazoned in giant… Read More »

Psychiatrist: My Medicine Raised Our Patient’s Blood Sugar, Can You Help? PCP: That’s a Dump!

By HANS DUVEFELT, MD If my hypertensive patient develops orthostatism and falls and breaks her hip, I fully expect the orthopedic surgeon on call to treat her. I may kick myself that this happened but I’m not qualified to treat a broken hip. If my anticoagulated patient hits his head and suffers a subdural hematoma,… Read More »

FDA’s Project Facilitate Will Help Providers Access Experimental Cancer Therapies for Patients

FDA announces Project Facilitate to assist physicians seeking access to unapproved therapies for patients with cancer Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Oncology Center of Excellence announced a new pilot program to assist oncology health care professionals in requesting access to unapproved therapies for patients with cancer. A new call center called Project Facilitate will… Read More »