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Passionate, Well-fed Men and Their Heartburn–On or After ‘Game Day’

—This post is sponsored by Mirum but these opinions are my own. 🙂 Of all the medicines I take–and all their co-pays–anything over-the-counter, affordable, and longer lasting is what I’m going to swear by. Yes, the professionals at my local pharmacy know me well. And if there is one health-related practice I try to do… Read More »

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Many Readers Say No to Idea of Life-Extending Drug, but Yes for Their Dogs

Others expressed concern about the environmental and economic implications of a longer life span. “Ah, the unintended consequences of extending life — overpopulation, increasing stress on an already stressed environment, increasing stress on an already stressed retirement system,” wrote Thomas G. Smith, in Cadillac, Mich. “Humans are the most destructive of all species, and the… Read More »

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