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Simon Gregson health: ‘This is awful to live with’ Coronation Street star’s condition

Simon Gregson, 44, has played the role of Steve McDonald on ITV’s Coronation Street since 1989. The star has been awarded a host of accolades for his acting over the years and is considered a well-known face on the small screen. But one thing Simon’s fans may not know about him, is in the past… Read More »

‘Congress can fix this’: Judges weigh striking down Obamacare

Federal appeals judges in New Orleans are entertaining the idea of striking some or all of Obamacare, appearing uncertain during oral arguments Tuesday over whether Congress intended to toss the entire healthcare law. During the 90-minute hearing, the two Republican-appointed judges asked attorneys from both sides questions as they sought to determine whether Obamacare, and… Read More »

The 12 Most Dangerous Bugs to Watch Out for This Summer and How to Protect Yourself

Brown Recluse Spider Sari ONeal/shutterstock Adult brown recluse spiders range from tan to dark brown, and they have six eyes in three groups of two. These spiders could bite and inject venom that requires a trip to the emergency room. The venom might cause dead tissue and may require plastic surgery, in some cases, Campbell… Read More »