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The Extreme Dangers of Daylight Saving Time

The repercussions associated with daylight saving time (DST) are significant and prompted the placement of California Proposition 7 on the ballot in this year’s midterm election. Nearly 60 percent voted in favor to leave the state in daylight saving time all year.1 This begins laying the groundwork to give the California legislature the ability to… Read More »

Insufficient sleep in children is associated with poor diet, obesity and more screen time

A new study conducted among more than 177,000 students suggests that insufficient sleep duration is associated with an unhealthy lifestyle profile among children and adolescents. Results show that insufficient sleep duration was associated with unhealthy dietary habits such as skipping breakfast (adjusted odds ratio 1.30), fast-food consumption (OR 1.35) and consuming sweets regularly (OR 1.32).… Read More »